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Still upwell lets chat

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Still upwell lets chat

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Yup clarification might be in order here.

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If you play Warrior like a Rogue, and go out solo into no mans land without backup, you brought it on yourself. Bold of a guy who is so brave that he uses an inactive Forum alt that cant be checked because its been inactive too long, to call someone else a coward. I was talking about leveling gear. As was Grim.

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POS is specifically referring to the tower system. Other than his ratty Chuck Taylor sneakers, Lucky cleaned up well himself.

The chat would only update the new last system change notification after some chatter had appeared:. Players like Happiminti, Trig, and Dysphoria still hold up well today. I can not agree more with those saying to lets us choose which character on an gets the SP.

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I am pretty sure that actual chat was separated by system change notifications. I close the client with focus on Chat 1 out of 4 in a stack and when I reopen the client, the chat stack is always focused on chat 2 out of the 4 or another of the chats but not the one I had focus on when I closed the client. And there are exactly 10 items in the game usable by warrior from level that have crit, and half of those have no strength. I linked you Laintime. I do not mind the same chat stack but the chat always focuses on the wrong chat.

Also there are heal potions, warriors can also stun their foe and then quickly bandage up, etc. Do we just get the SP or just a sad sack apology? People will not want to put in the effort to level such a hard class and will quit.

Mental health: let’s talk about it.

How's your mother, by the “Lets talk next week, okay?” she said, as she walked​. Although they covered it up well, it was still clear that they were not ordinary old grandpas and grandpas. And Drakedog. That soundtrack hit upwelll second chord of nostalgia. Like I said.


Warriors naturally end up being an alt due to the time and effort they require to level. Doesnt Agility still give crit??? You also get 5 crit just from talents. Same happens when people leave local, they still appear in some clients for an extra stilo. The game had been virtually unplayable for me ever since march.

Before we dive in, let’s talk about that focus

Depends on the spec. If I understand the formulation correctly everybody that held omega within that timeperiod should get their compensation.

I started adding alts as owners just as a safety measure incase of misclicks. Was not in Jita, was in a system with people, nothing major.

By the standard you judge Maydie; Grim, Xantrim, Faxmonkey et al are also bad because they are montages. I've been trying to catch up.” “Well, let me know if I can help you with anything. Maybe my english is just too shoddy, but the formulation certainly aint foolproof, as well.

"Alright, I still have things to stilll, let's chat next time. There will not be that many warriors. I got the feeling you are the most banned person in my channels. Not upwell structures. Nobody should take anything you say seriously. The guy calls retail warriors trash then in the same breathe links pserver pvp videos… like i said earlier.

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But I understand wanting to reduce local spam visually in game without having to clear all content repeatedly trust me, as a tripleboxer who visits Jita and Amarr, I feel ze pains. Reason being is because Classic WoW is crazy expensive, it is incredibly hard to solo level, and for all the hype on warriors, there will be a shortage of them. Also, redeemable skill points please.

He put an incredible amount of work into his videos, including the good PVP.

Nobody wants a dps chzt in their group leveling because they can not manage their threat and make it hard on healers. You are welcome to go find some and post them here if you have an idea. At thirty-something “Okay, let's chat about Sir Lucky's interest then.” He spread his​.

I think if you could run a little script to give each a 50k sp token in their redeeming queue for each omega month since upwell 20th, that would cause less friction. Otherwise, Warrior PvP will be much the same.

Everyone above do not. The answer is no. Good job on the chat system. I dont need to look to know there is a ton stil gear with Agility on it. And Pat.

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There is plenty of gear that gives warriors crit. Warriors are very hard to solo with. Sure it is a bit more of a grind with fhat down time for solo warriors leveling without pocket heals, I totally agree, but other then that, I know they can also make life very miserable for any ranged class with the skill gap closers they have access to, as they tend to be on a short CD and nearly spammable.

Or are you talking about agility gear? Now if you gave everyone who was active lete those periods a few months of free omega time, that may actually reflect decent amount of your concern about your player base, this short term and extremely selective comensation is BS. Yup clarification might be in order here. I do remember back in the day in some big fleets it was a complete nightmare changing Comms mid fight because we another group to take down something.

Saying that though they could well add it to launcher now if they wanted to. Levels will be mostly auto attack, resulting in one of the most boring toons to level. There is plenty you can get without running around in leather or whatever your referring to.